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Hey There ! My name is varun shanbhag and i have been Ahmedabad local for over 25 years. I have been doing SEO for about 2 years and have trained many people. If you are passionate about digital marketing and looking for a mentor, Please feel free to contact me at contact@seoobsession.in

SEO Course in Ahmedabad

Everybody is addicted to the internet in this world of digital era. It also won't be wrong to say that our life is impossible without internet. Business were only focusing on offline marketing before a decade for branding and awareness which included different marketing techniques. This method has a limited reach but in this era of digital marketing more & more Business owners & companies are promoting their Product/Services via online marketing.

SEO training Ahmedabad will provide you the best coaching having both professional & industrial experience. I have proven track record in social media marketing and search engine optimization for our clients. Google keeps on updating and improving their ranking algorithms consistently to avoid spam thus we need to keep our self updated.

In this SEO course we will cover each and every topic in-depth. There are many digital marketing training institutes in Ahmedabad but if you want to learn the latest updated and effective techniques then we are the one ! Our coaching classes will help you to increase your website's visibility and grow your business on various digital channels. To Check our syllabus Click here


In technical optimization we try to improve the technical aspects of your own or clients website which helps in improving the ranking of the website & it's pages in search engines result page. This may include tasks like making website mobile friendly, Fixing broken links, rectifying crawl errors, Improving loading speed of the website and many more


After technical audit the next thing we look after is html optimization where we try to reduce the length of web pages content by removing unwanted white spaces which may also help in decreasing the loading speed of the website. Lower bandwidth consumption & faster loading time are the benefits achieved by optimizing pages compared to the original one


Content optimization refers to writing content in such a way that it is both user and search engine friendly & is able to reach largest possible target audience. This process includes adding keywords in the content without stuffing, Adding Title & meta tags and relevant internal and external links within the content of the webpage

Course Overview

  • Domain & Hosting

  • Keyword Reasearch

  • Page-On-Page

  • Image Optimization

  • Google Advance Search

  • Tools & its Usage

  • Site-On-Page

  • Page Loading Time

  • Link Building Activities

  • Content Generation & Marketing

  • Backlink Analysis

  • PPT/PDF Submission

  • Social Bookmarking

  • Blog Posting Strategy

  • Long Tail keywords Promotion
  • Why Choose Us?

    You Can either be guided in the right direction or wrong path by the mentors. So you should choose your mentor very wisely if you want your future to be bright and clear understanding of every concept. We try to motivate our students clarifying the concepts in just one go. We try to provide interesting instances & remarkable environment to our students so that we can make their understandings better and inspire them to learn more. We provide practical knowledge along with the theoritical concepts which is very important to win the battle and to avoid the chasm between students & mentors. So enlighten yourself by learn fundamentals of on-page,off-page via SEO training Ahmedabad.


    My Student reviews speaks for it's own




    One thing i liked the most about this course is that it is not only theory based. Varun will explain each & everything with live practical example which not only will resolve your doubts but will also give you crystal clear understandings. He is very passionate about his teaching and does not have only business angle to it.




    I have had splendid experience with Varun. I learnt stuffs like website analysis, Competitor analysis and how one can implement such things to get maximum conversion. His teaching method is brilliant with online live practicals & campaigns