Hi Guys, I am Varun Shanbhag owner of SEO Training Ahmedabad & today in this article i am going to share with you 9 SEO analyzer tools which we always talk about in our Digital Marketing Course Ahmedabad using which you can rank your website on the first page of Google.

So without further adieu lets get started:

1) Seooptimer

free seo analyzer tools

This is an online website analysis tool which will do complete analysis of your website. you have to signup as a new user and then when you login the only thing you have to do is submit your url post which you will get a complete detailed report of your website regards to your SEO.

For example: when you search something on Google you will usually see title and description of the websites so this tool will basically tell you how good is your meta tags, how consistently have you been using your keywords, how many back links you have, It also gives you domain authority score and tells you about your website speed and not to forget it also does a mobile responsive test and tells you whether your have and mobile usability issues.

2) Google Keyword Planner

This tool is provided by Google which basically helps you find out the search volume of your keyword and can also tell you the competition of those keywords. Search volumes can help you decide on one some of the most popular keyword for  your next blog post.

You have login to Google keyword planner, type in your keyword, choose your location and it shall give you the suggestions of all the keywords with search volumes up there.

3) Keywordtool.io

Finding yourself short of keyword ideas? Looking to get exhaustive list at one place? Signup and login into this tool, Enter your keyword and it should give you a list of 700+ keywords with its search volume.

This is your base, Pick each of these keywords and draft a blog title & a blog post around it and it shall help you in doing smart SEO strategy for your website or a blog.

4) Yoast SEO

This tool will make your SEO a lot more easier if you have a word-press based website. You can use either paid or paid version of this tool. Every time you publish a post it will tell you whether your post is SEO optimized and will also give you a label of your search engine optimization status.

So this will actually help you in revising your SEO lot better for every blog posts up there. With Yoast SEO plugin you can enter your title tag, meta tag, add your feature image and it can be totally different from your actual title. This could just be designed for your SEO strategy alone. 

You can also add a complete different title for your FB post using this plugin, so this makes your fb title a lot more interesting and you can bring a lot more traffic to your site. To get maximum results for your blog post Yoast SEO is the best and every single time you upload a blog post this tool will update your sitemap on its own.

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5) Google Search Console

Each time you upload a new blog post a xml sitemap is generated by Google Search Console, You can Integrate Yoast SEO with your Google webmaster tools or search console using which you can figure out important metrics like impressions, Clicks received & the average position of your blog posts, Which keyword  and content is performing its best on the website.

As a SEO Specialist you can make use of those keywords that people have been using to visit your site and more blog posts or adjust them in your existing content strategy, Title tag, Description & more. Remember a good on-page can help your website to rank on the first page of Google without having a single back-links, So make sure that your on-page is perfect !

6) Google trends

Lets take an example here. There are two brands 1) Dominoes Pizza  2) Pizza-hut. Both of them sell pizzas and there is no much of a difference. They have been using same set of keywords & back-links so what whom will Google put on top? So Google will put those websites on top which is more popular, so when people are searching for a particular brand, this actually impacts your SEO strategy.

So when there is more popularity the artificial intelligence actually recommends Google to ensure to put the most popular one at the forefront and the less popular one at the back-end, so make sure you use Google trends to compare those particular keywords or the brands and start understanding the popularity for those trends by using Google trends.

7) Google page speed insights

Numerous SEO tools will tell you about the loading speed of your blog posts or the website but they won't tell you where exactly the problem lies but Google page insights will give you all the required details which you can fix and make your website loads faster which is one of the important ranking factor in SEO.

8) Copyscape

You know Google hates plagiarism and if you copy paste my content on your website, Google will penalize you and your website will never rank.

It is not a healthy practice, So many bloggers and website owners hire content writers and publish content on their site without checking the plagiarism.

Copyscape can help you to check every link of your website and if a content has been taken from any different website, it get mentioned there so you can check Copyscape to check plagiarism check for the content which has already been published on your website.

9) Mozbar

This tool can be integrated with your browser and when your start searching on Google the websites will come up with the data like DA & PA score, Number of back-links a website has just to give you a quick understanding where does your competition or relevant website stand on Google.

Just on one page you can compare so many metrics with just this extension which is called Mozbar.

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So above were the 9 free SEO analyzer tools for your SEO practices. If you liked this article please donot forget to comment and share this article. Until next time, Happy marketing!