Hello guys ! For all those guys back who are practicing SEO or want to invest the time and effort and bringing their website on top results of Google search results this article is a must watch for

Here I sharing some of the most common myths of SEO which i always share with my students in my SEO Classes in Ahmedabad. So Let's debunk it together.

1) Domain Name

seo myth

Alot People think if url is stuffed with keywords there are higher chances of attracting, that's actually not true.

If your site is cheaptickets.com it doesn't mean you will rank on top when people are searching for cheap

If that was the case then makemytrip or yatra wouldn't rank on top.what matters is how you build your brand.

People trust brands more than the cheaptickets.com while booking that domain so create a brand that is recognizable, it matters for your SEO.

2) Keywords reputation is the magic

Many SEO guys think if you write same keywords multiple times it helps define a good on-page SEO! no no no that's not the right practice at all.

I want to buy cheap flight tickets because cheaptickets will help you save the cost of your travel and tickets that are cheap spread happiness.

Well this statement is absolutely wrong, this worked way back in 2006-2007 but not anymore.

The more you drag your content the worse it is for your brand. People will just read your content, focus on the context in your content and not keywords.

Try to use keywords intelligently in your body. Every line of yours should make sense and that's what matters in your SEO practice today.

3) Look at the meta tags which is important

I see many SEO guys write keywords which meta tags with the body of the content might not be relevant to the keywords stuffed in meta tags.

If you're thinking google really cares about your meta tag you're wrong. Now let's look at what really matters, your title tag as that's your headline, appears on searches and has got to do a lot with your keywords.

Your Meta Description is crucial but it is necessary doesn't have to be keyword rich. This is like your ad
copy, someone reading your content from Google search results should be convinced by your meta description.

So don't stuff keywords here again and again. Even if you're using it once it is really good enough strategy for your meta tag. Then comes meta robots,this is just to convey Google and tell them what to crawl on your page. 

If you want them to follow link and not content you can be specific. You can block following of content but allow crawling links or you can let both or avoid both.

This is a default fixation, you don't have to necessarily worry here as Google loves to crawl everything on the web and whatever is on your side. You can also use Schema tag to see how you can mark up the page with Rich Snippets in Google searches, it could be review,images, listicles etc etc.

4) Focus on social score 

A lot of seo guys that are interviewed say that we do
social media optimization. To be honest there is no search terminology called social media optimization.

Just dumping link on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn,Instagram stories won't help your brand.
The purpose of social media to SEO is driving relevant traffic. 

you post content on social media channels.You get relevant traffic coming to your site. They spend time on your site, they comment on your content, they share the content with others and that is the benefit to you. There is no direct benefit of posting content on multiple social media channels, so remember that !

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5) Stuffing Keywords & links

 Adding key words in links anchor text would make a difference to seo - so well, this was too few years back.

Writing great content, getting links would help you achieve your desired goals, getting keywords on links is also one of the ways to boost SEO but over doing this will penalize you.

Well remember there are lot of other factors that determines good SEO and some of the crucial factors
are great content, amazing on-page optimization that make user spend more time, navigate very easily from one page to another, error free sites, fixing broken links etc etc.

6) Getting lots of backlinks

SEO guys who have been aiming at achieving a lot
of backlinks every day from directories and image submission sites might really not see great results coming.

It's somewhat matters boosting initially but won't
help you in the overall competition. Remember how do you associate with top websites matter more than
associating yourself with a lot of websites which basically means if you're aiming to achieve a good domain authority, one of the crucial factors to consider is getting back-links from top websites like entrepreneur.com, campaignIndia.com, TimesofIndia.com, yourstory.com, Education portal sites with domain Authority 50 or above in relevant sector. So get continuous digital PR rolling for your brand.

7) SEO is a one time process

Some business guys think that once you achieve the top position in Google searches you should stop doing
your SEO efforts.

To be honest despite toothpaste like Colgate is a highly recognizable brand, They don't stop advertising because if you are once out of sight you're out of business!

Similarly once you stop doing your SEO efforts you stop losing your business out there on the Internet.


With this 7 SEO myths I will conclude my article. I would love to take up your thoughts. Please share your thoughts in the comment section of this article.

Do not forget to click on the share button, Until then happy marketing !

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