Namaskar Everyone i am  Varun Shanbhag, Owner of Seo training Ahmedabad. In today's article we are going to know about what it takes to be digital millionaire. i have studied quit a few digital millionaire & i have tried to understand what are some of the key attributes that have made them a digital millionaire today.

Personally i have lots of these attributes practiced, a lot of these attributes learnt in the journey and a lot of these attributes has helped me to get a desired result. Whoever is reading my today's article, let me tell you.. a lot of these inputs which i am going to give you is based on my perspective, to what i believe our Digital Marketing Course Ahmedabad can help you to become a digital billionaire.

So after you read this article if you have any questions..please feel to ask your questions in the comment section below.

So there are 7 key attributes of digital millionaires and i am going to start sharing it with you today.

1) Creating an info product 

Most of the millionaire on the internet entity either have info product or they have an eCommerce store where they are selling something to someone all the time or they have a platforms where thousands of people are visiting them and they are more likely to sell advertisement spaces to advertisers.

In nutshell they again have a info product, but here the product is a platform but there is a lot of information and all that they are selling is advertisements.

Generally the difference between a influencer and digital influencer is that an influencer on the internet always believes in engagement & wants lots of likes, comments & shares but they don't aim at sales. Every digital influencer can build his product and drive sales & the core objective here is to sell information.

Instead of giving everything for free they park something on their own learning platform & they invite people to purchase that.

2) Becoming an affiliate

If you cannot create your info product, if you cannot create your product and sell it online you actually become an affiliate of the product. I know a lot of people in India today did not have a platform of their own, Don't have a product of their own but they are an amazing affiliate.

They create multiple product sites, talk about those products, they write reviews about multiple bodies which they think can really sell well in the market. this can be an info product or it can be any physical product for that matter, It could even be a travel package for that matter. 

So a lot affiliates, lots of people who have become millionaire today believe in selling some one else  product & they do that to achieve a lot of commission from that product. So either you can create your own product and sell it or you take some one else product and sell it to the world but you got to sell.

3) Ability to sell & persuade

If you can't sell you cant be a digital millionaire. Selling is one of the most important skills which you need to learn. Learn how you can drive product sales every single day & that is the metric you gonna look at.

Why you are celebrating the number of followers? You are celebrating the number of likes, You are celebrating your popularity. Don't forget that your on the internet to make money & a millionaire on the internet always thinks how much money he/she can make every single day. So look to drive sales every single day.

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4) Have growth plan 

I have seen many of them creating a lot of content but they don't aspire to engage their followers, They don't aspire to increase their subscribers & they don't aspire actually to engage the audience for long run.

They believe that when they create content & when they use hashtags, they will actually see the right kind of following happening which is never going to happen. So for you to actually grow your community you need to collaborate, you need to invite them for free events, free e-books, you gotta give them free webinars, So you want to do something which invites them to experience you for the first time & you always need to invest to learn something new.

As a influencer and a digital marketer i always learnt something new and teach it out to the world. Be it messenger marketing, be it chat-bot tools, Be it whats-app for business i get my hands on it so that i can learn and i can practice.

So it is very crucial to learn something new in the industry you want to grow. So in your growth plan there are four objectives:

1) Growth of your social media channel  
2) Growth of your email subscribers
3) Growth of your bank balance :D
4) Growth of your knowledge base

Without knowledge you are nothing. I see a lot of people on the internet making a lot of noise but when you actually go and talk to them they don't have stuff in their brain. So you need to understand that it is not about showing off on the internet, It is all about adding value to the life of people.  

So believe in adding value & believe in learning & growing so it makes difference for both the parties, you as an individual & people who are following you.

5) Having consistency

Many of them get started with a spark but a millionaire in the internet never stops & i have seen this quality in almost everyone who have been building their brand from the last 10 years.

They just don't stop! I repeat they just don't stop. If you have selected a niche just wait till it grows. People become successful who believe in  doing a task repeatedly no matter how boring it is.

So as a practice you need to put yourself in a routine of doing regular task like consistently sending emails, making sure that you keep on uploading videos on you-tube, making sure you invite people for webinars, ensuring that you drive conversation & sales, so you need to believe in the power and make a difference, the power of consistency. So you have to be consistent in order to be successful.

6) Believe in progress and not perfection

A lot of us wants a perfect moment like a perfect website, a perfect landing page but trust me it is not at all necessary. a lot of them today, many millionaires i know don't even have a good website. They use to just focus on great value offering, they use to invite people using Facebook advertising to their webinars or give people trial offers to look into. 

People would just try their content and just go for purchasing their best offer. So really when you are starting your drop shipping don't think of a perfect website. When you are starting your content or a blog don't think of perfect website. If you keep waiting it is never going to happen. Start shabby and refine as you grow. Always believe in shabby success & that is more important then mediocre perfectionism.

So stop believing that everything has to be perfect, even if there are errors you can rectify it in your journey. So making a progress is a lot more important then being perfect all the time which is one of the biggest qualities of most of the millionaires i have seen.

They get an idea, They announce & they start working on it. A lot of people will wait for the idea, build it up, Understand it is not perfect by the time the idea is going to the world. So this is one of the key qualities i have seen in most of the digital millionaires on the internet.

7) Your past is not your present

Many of them carry a lot of backlogs. I talking to millionaires i have learnt from them that the day they got undone with their past, they actually healed themselves from all the problems in their past. That day they became more focused with their goals.

Throw away all your thoughts of your past & start fresh. A lot of belief comes from the past experiences. So believe in the power of today, believe in the power of what you are doing, Procrastination kills the whole process, procrastination kills the whole ideology, so don't procrastinate your tasks, a digital millionaire never does that! If there is something that you gonna do today you want to do that.


So if you guys believe in what i said, if you guys believe in these seven pointers which i have put across today, while there are multiple key attributes to be a digital millionaire, these are the seven key attributes which will help you to be a awesome digital millionaire. Don't forget to share and i want you guys to write down what you think about this in the comment section below. Until next time, Happy marketing !   

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