Namaste guys, I am Varun Shanbhag a blogger & digital marketing professional from SEO Training Ahmedabad. Let's look at the five styles of content buckets that has majorly used by world's top influencers. 

I'm gonna share these secrets with you today! 

So without further adieu lets get started ! 

1) Helpful Content

The first style is helpful content, the more you help people on the Internet the more value you get back from them. There's nothing that you would possibly hide so whatever you possibly know you need to share.

If I'm an influencer I'm gonna share with you 20 ways to make money through influencing people and that's something which is going to help you, So in the helpful section you have how to's, tips, tricks, tools guides list because this is what you search for when you're stuck somewhere in your journey.

You go on google or go on youtube and search for how to bake a cake when you do that. 

2) Inspirational Content

The second style is inspirational content. Most of the influencers out there share a lot of inspirational content and they share qoutes which could be their very own qoutes, it could be quotes which could be coming from other people or experts or industry experts that they follow.

They share a lot of their success stories which is stories of their successes and failures and they share the results of the work that they do. They share the results of campaigns, They don't hide because they need to inspire people so they inspire people by sharing these results which inspire us to connect with them, am i clear?

3) Entertaining Content 

The third aspect of great content or the what influencers post is entertaining content and when I say entertaining content a lot of people share that I divide this into two part:

a) Humor

First is humor because people remember humor for long which is memes and cartoons again revolving around your niche or the subject that you want to become an expert on.

b) Contest & Quizes

Contests and quizzes because this is the mode of engagement, The more you engage your audience the more they'll remember you for long. So instead of giving everything ask them a question like hey what are you guys doing today? Share how would you do the certain tasks in your own style so you're making them think and when you make them think they're gonna spend more time for you and with you and then you're gonna respond back to them.

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4) Topical or Current Affair Based Content

The fourth thing is topical or current affair base. Contant as an influencer, it's your responsibility to share the latest trends with the world. You take that commitment because if you do not do that then why would somebody follow you because if you are in influencing your industry you gotta share latest trends every Monday on social media, Share new things in digital every two months.

I share new things made Facebook advertisement. Every year I share a lot of content related to digital marketing trends for 2020 or as the year goes by.

So you need to really figure out this latest trends in your industry and if there's a current affair in your industry. If you could connect the dots and create something very creative and post there people gonna correlate to it.

5) Personal Trust

I've just given 20 percent weight is too personal today. A lot of us have been sharing a lot of personal information and trust me sometimes we feel ridiculous when Facebook shows us what did you do eight years back right? Eight years ago on Facebook you did this :D You are like, you know what dude I really don't want to know that !

So when you are sharing your personal lifestyle in that to you define what do you wanna share, you want share celebration photographs which is happening at your work, Travel, The conference's that you attend where you take selfies and share that you went here and learned this.

This inspires a lot of people, you're gonna say people why, who you meet, what did you learn from them and apart from this you share your hobbies, your interests in sports and maybe a cost that you connect with because this is what world's top influencers do! 


so above were the top 5 types of content buckets using which you can increase your online influence. If you liked this article do not forget to share and like. Until next time, Happy marketing !

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