Hey guys i am Varun Shanbhag, Digital marketing professional & owner of SEO Training Ahmedabad and in today's article we are going to learn about Indian local business listing sites. Those of you doing SEO might already know that a brand new domain is put into a probationary period which is termed as "Sandbox" and business listings are one of the ways to get out of Google's dreaded sandbox effect.

So without further adieu lets learn more about business listings, It's importance & Should you include it in your back links strategy and last but not the least we will see some of the best Indian local business listing sites where you can submit your business online to increase it's exposure and boost your SEO efforts.

indian local business listing sites

So what exactly is a business listing ?

Local business listings are nothing but your business profile online which can contain your business information such as address, phone number, Working hours and other business data. Most of the sites can be used for FREE but you have to manually enter all the information or claim your business.

Local business listing's main goal is to increase the visibility of you brand by making it searchable and accurate. Most of the big brands have their business and photos listed online which results into better SEO and are always seen as a credible and authoritative source on the internet ! 

Also please make a note that your information is shared with others by local business indexes so if your information is inaccurate it may reflect onto other sites which makes it very important to update your business listings regularly.

Some facts about business listings

Did you know that almost 79% of the users do some research online before making a decision to buy your service or visit your store. More and more people are taking help of the internet for ideas, Suggestions & answers. Only those business who have good online presence will be doing good nowadays and there is no doubt in it.

Business listing is one of the ways business owners are increasing their visibility and getting in front of the their customers. Business listing are also termed as citations same as a phone book that contains categories such as industry and has important information about numerous business in local area. For example if i search for "best vegan food near me" below are some of the business listing sites that may appear in SERP.

1) Sulekha
2) Just-dial
3) Asklaila

When users visit one of these directories they are showed dozens of vegan food joints to choose from. These online directories can contain information about your business such as hours of operation, Name of your business, Info about your business, Payment methods & many more.

I have seen many business owners not taking their time to complete a business listing which may result into incomplete and missing information. This mistake can cost you a huge as it tends to frustrate your users and can force them to purchase services from your competitors just because they have all the information listed accurately ! 

These instances are too common and to avoid customers flying to your customers you should take your time and add all the required information to local business listings. Now that we know what is business listing, lets learn what are the benefits of adding your business onto these online directories and how crucial it is for your business survival in this era of digitalization.

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Benefits of business listings:

1) Improve online presence

The more number of business listing sites you use to add your company profile the more it will be searchable. Business listing sites work as an additional website for your business. You want it to be as accurate and update to date as possible with plenty of images of your product/services along with other important details like address & phone number.

There is a local intent to 50% of the mobile search queries which means that if your business is showed up in big online directories such as just dial, Sulekha & Google business listings, Then your mobile presence is vastly getting improved.

2) Boost website SEO

search engine optimization is the method of increasing the visibility of your website and traffic by improving the rankings of your targeted keywords. If you are a digital marketing company, you may be optimizing for the terms like Digital marketing services, Digital marketing company, SEO company & more.You can also optimize for these keywords on local directories.

Due to high domain authority of these business listing directories they often rank high in search results for these keywords. Having your business listed on these websites means your business profile will appear more frequently then your website.

3) Increasing brand visibility

You will increase your brand visibility without a doubt by adding your business profile on these business directories. make sure that you include as much as information as possible.

For example you can add logo in business directories so make sure that your logo looks attractive so that you can add it in both your website and the third party business directories.

The more business listing sites you use to add your company the more visible your logo become and people tend to recognize your brand and products/services you offer.

4) Increasing reputation of your business

Huge business listing directories like Google my business, Bing & yelp allow users to add a review regarding your business products/services. While many business owners are afraid of the reviews please make a note that they also give you a chance to increase the reputation of your business.

If you can handle negative reviews correctly it can be turned into more of a positive learning experience. if you are communicating in a correct way with your customers then you should expect the reviews to be positive. You can use these reviews on your own website or share it on social media platforms like FB, Twitter, Instagram & many more.

5) Dominate Search results

Think it as a monopoly board when it comes to search engine results page.Your goal is to acquire as many properties as possible in terms of monopoly and increase the chances of other players landing on your real estate.

This same principal can be applied to search engine results page where the more number of times you website appears on the page the more likely users will click on your website.

you can make sure that your business profiles appears more often is by adding your company profile to high ranking online business directories.

Are business listing worth it?

Most of the business listing directories are free and this is the best part of it. Adding your company profile to major business listing directories such as Google, Bing & Yahoo  does not cost you a single penny and the setup is also quite easy.

All you have to do is take your time to fill up all the required important details correctly and you should be running up in no time. There are also various paid online directories which will charge small amount of one time setup fee or monthly charges to maintain your business listings.

Please keep in mind that all business listing are not the same. There may be different methods of creating and claiming your business profile for example some business listing directories will call your number or send you a postcard with ping number which then you can enter online using which you can claim your profile while some might require only email confirmation.

Business listing will provide you cheap exposure which will be worth your time & investment. You can easily measure your ROI if you have Google analytics or any other web analytics setup for your website and can be seen under source/medium tab in google analytics.

Now that you understand the importance of business listing i recommend you to go for it & in case you don't have the time or manpower to create profiles on these sites you can always take help of business listing services from websites like Freelancer, Upwork & many more.

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Top Indian local business listing sites:

1) https://about.me/seotrainingamd

2) https://www.whodoyou.com/biz/1968483/seo-training-ahmedabad-ahmadabad-gujarat

3) https://www.zipleaf.in/Companies/Seoobsession-Seo-Training-Service-Provider-in-Ahmedabad

4) https://ahmedabad.yalwa.in/ID_138058555/SEO-Training-Ahmedabad.html

5) https://www.dealerbaba.com/suppliers/business-services/others-services/seoobsession-seo-training-service-provider-in-ahmedabad.html


7) https://www.yuwin.ca/employers/470584-seo-training-ahmedabad


9) https://jobs.techdirt.com/employers/444141-seo-training-ahmedabad

10) https://www.ogoing.com/seotrainingamd

11) https://www.aileensoul.com/company/seo-training-ahmedabad-Ahmedabad

12) https://www.nicefirm.com/show/seo-training-ahmedabad


14) https://startupxplore.com/en/startups/seo-training-ahmedabad

15) https://www.thenewsfunnel.com/company/seo-training-ahmedabad

16) http://www.spoke.com/companies/seo-training-ahmedabad-5ea1752318d33b65bc0021df

17) https://www.tuugo.in/Companies/seo-training-ahmedabad/01500083274

18) https://www.justdial.com/Ahmedabad/Seo-Obsession-Seo-Training-Service-Provider-Shela/079PXX79-XX79-200504163542-P7K4_BZDET

19) https://www.mapquest.com/my-maps/ee86a5da-7f26-4d6a-bb66-58d83b990112

20) https://biz.prlog.org/seotrainingamd/

21) https://callme.co.in/en/ahmedabad/seo-training-ahmedabad-sharnam-7-satellite_WhGZOYKz/0/0?kp=1&sct=722&swrd=SEO%20Training%20Ahmedabad&swid=0&smid=0&pv=f

22) https://in.enrollbusiness.com/BusinessProfile/4989999/SEO%20Training%20Ahmedabad



25) https://www.zoompo.com/seoobsession-seo-training-service-provider-in-ahmedabad-ahmedabad/



28) http://www.authorstream.com/seotrainingamd/


30) https://www.topseobrands.com/profile/seo-training-ahmedabad/



33) https://www.startus.cc/company/seoobsession-seo-training-service-provider-ahmedabad

34) http://www.lacartes.com/business/Seoobsession-Seo-Training-Service-Provider-in-Ahmedabad/1616401

35) https://espresso-jobs.com/compagnie/28455/Seoobsession%3A-Seo-Training-%26amp%3B-Service-Provider-in-Ahmedabad/

36) Sulekha.in

37) Asklaila.com


So Above were the importance of business listing sites long with some instant approval Indian local business listing sites list. Don't forget to comment and hit share button below. Until next time, happy marketing!