Namaskar and hello everyone I'm Varun shanbhag, SEO trainer based in Ahmedabad. My today's article is about reasons why you should learn digital marketing and how our Digital Marketing Course Ahmedabad can help you. I have jotted down nine points.

So let's get started! 

1) Does not require technical knowledge

why should you really learn digital marketing because it's just not about technology. A lot of where students
are scared or do not want to get into digital marketing because they believe it's all about technology, that's not the truth.

Digital marketing is combination of technology content, right processes and analytics and the kind of weight is that I give is 10% of technical stuff, 50% of
content, 30% of right process and 10% of analytics.

Analytics plays a very important role in digital marketing because end of the day you will have to
evaluate the metrics of the investment that you have made in the digital marketing process, So ROI is very
important and analytics will help you discover ROI  and not only ROI but also consumer behavior.

2) Digital is growing

Digital is growing, Look at these statistics.... India crossed 354 million Internet users in 2015 and it is
expected to grow this year too. So these numbers are going to increase and with the increase in the penetration of Internet there will be demand for
digital marketing with time.

Mobile penetration is happening largely, there are mobile phone users in this country than desktop users and as and when the data packs will get cheaper, digital India campaign, startup India campaigns, net neutrality, three basics will try bringing these data packs for a lot more cheaper costs in this country and ask it will get cheaper
you will realize that digital marketing will penetrate further.

Internet penetration first and then followed by the digital market penetration. The amount of excitement the rural crowd has today about e-commerce will also make you confirm that yes digital marketing is here to stay or e-commerce is to boom in this country.

3) Digital marketing is present & future

Digital marketing is not just the future. I hear from a lot of people digital marketing is a future, you should invest in the future but digital marketing is present too! Having said this, traditional is not dying anyway so digital is here to stay, traditional is here to stay too.

If that was the case Facebook wouldn't have been seeking support for free basics using full-page newspaper advertisements. So digital supports traditional, traditional supports digital. They work in

Look at some of the statistics... India is expected to spend about 1.2 billion US dollars in digital advertising this year. There has been gradual shift in the advertisement budgets in last three years where people have brought down their print advertisement budgets and have raised their digital advancement budgets. so that itself confirms that people are getting aware about digital marketing in India.

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4) Marketer in need of digital marketing edge

During my digital marketing journey, I have realized 78% of my workshop attendees have been traditional marketers.

Digital marketing knowledge is essential to climb the ladder, if you are a marketer and your stuck and you're not able to grow, take the digital ladder to reach the next level.

5) As a career opportunity

Digital marketing as a career opportunity is growing. As per the report published in Times of India about 1.5 lakhs jobs were expected to created in 2020. This was a report which was published in 2019 which is a very interesting phenomena. 

Trust me the industry lacks digital marketer and here
is a great opportunity for you to learn and unlearn a lot of things in this space.For people who have a taste in digital marketing path, you can become a Content writer,SEO specialist, a social media specialist,a digital advertiser influencer,relationship manager or a 360-degree digital marketer.

The choice is all yours! 

6) It will save costs

You should learn digital marketing because it can help you save the cost, you save the agency fee, you save the cost on traditional advertisements, your cost per acquiring the lead is lot more cheaper and by learning digital marketing yourself you can practice digital marketing for your business.

Remember one thing digital marketing is not a free of cost solution, it can be  cost effective solution and it is not free.

You need to allocate some budgets, so if you are taking up the course thinking that digital marketing is going to be completely free do not take this course because digital marketing involves budgets. Limited budgets, less budgets when compared to traditional
advertisements but yes it involves budgets.

7) Integrated marketing is the need of hour

Integrated marketing is the need of the hour and digital marketing is the crucial part of the marketing mix.

One of her client saw immediate boost in leads through digital advertisements as TVC's rolled out. So that is a healthy mix of traditional as well as digital

When people see you advertisements in traditional world they remember or they take a call to action,but when they see a advertisement after this on the digital space after they see your advertisement in a traditional space, it is a very strong call to action for them and the higher chances for two ways communication so the higher chances of introduction.

So it's very important that when you are thinking of digital marketing campaigns, you just cannot go only digital unless you're small medium business and won't have huge budgets. But if you are from a larger organization you need to do both traditional as well as digital campaign in order to become successful in this space.

8) Crucial for personal brand building

Digital marketing is crucial for your personal brand building. In this journey of digital marketing learning
you need to do this course because you have to really get on the bandwagon.

Every Finance guy, techie guy, baking expert, musician sportsman everyone should take this course because digital marketing can help take your talent to next level. It can help take your talent to global level.You should learn digital marketing because it immensely helps you in personal branding.

9) No-predefined costs

Digital marketing has no predefined cost unlike traditional advertising,where you pay for space or pay for full-page advertisements which has a prefixed course.

In digital marketing marketing your budget defines of each.Sometimes your cost per conversion is little higher, sometimes the cost per conversion is very cheaper. You have to do different levels of testing, use split testing models in order to understand how it works.

Models like cost per click, cost per impression, cost per conversion can help you get this process better.


With this i would like to end up this session and i would like to know if you have any questions. Please do not forget to share and comment below if you have any questions. Until next time, happy marketing!

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