Hey Guys I am Varun Shanbhag, a SEO trainer providing affordable Digital Marketing Course Ahmedabad. In this article i am going to talk about 8 skills required to become a successful digital marketer which can help you climb the ladder and get hired by the right people in the market.

These skills are extremely important for you to become a digital marketing manager and i am going to take you through them one by one in this article today.

So without further adieu lets get started!

1) Content & Creative excellence

Be creative

To become a digital marketer you need to posses great communication skills, You really need to be good at English to attract your audience, To convert them into leads & to nurture these leads you need to communicate differently at every stag of the funnel.

Remember you don't have to be William Shakespeare but you should at least posses a high school level English in order to drive fabulous communication strategy.

2) WordPress management skills

To become a digital marketer on your own, This is something you must posses as a word press based website or blog. This will help you learn content marketing, Search engine optimization, Data analysis, Website visitor behavior & lot more interesting things which will mould you as a digital marketer.

By learning the art of word press management you can easily become a freelance word press website developer which can assist you in making additional income. For learning word press you don't have to really learn coding because there are so many existing plugins & templates that you can make use of, So word press is a must.

3) Photo editing & designing skills

You don't have to b a graphic designer but there are various tools in the market that you need to master. Even if you don't need to design, you need to be a good visualizer. Remember a picture speaks more then thousand words ! Master the art of visualizing and master the art of using tools that can help you in making quick graphics & videos.

These are some of the tools which i use e.g: Canva, Quick for videos. These are some of the tools which can help you at least start learning basics of good designs on your own. So what are you waiting for?download these apps and load the internet with your creative skills right away.

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4) Data analysis

Data..data..data.. Digital is purely data driven. you might run hundreds of campaign, You may probably driving thousands of visit to your site but unless & until you don't track what is working and what is not, you are going to fall in your digital marketing journey.

There are various tools like Google analytics, Hot jar which will help you to understand the behavior of the visitor on your website and then there are tools for listening that will help you to analyze sentiments of people on the internet.

Every digital advertisement platform has its data driven approach and you need to become a rock star to drive creativeness for your self.

5) Practice & passion    

To become a fantastic digital marketer you need to be passionate enough about this subject. Only passion can drive you. I have loads of digital marketer who compromise on their sleep so that they can learn new things in digital and share it with the world out there. You can take me as an example.

I am passionate enough to learn new things, Test new things and teach it out to the world. Theoretically digital marketing may look tough to you but when you practically implement it, you will find it a lot more easier. I always say this "A good practitioner makes a good digital marketer" But are really a good practitioner? You need to think about it.

6) Fundamentals of marketing

You should understand the fundamentals of marketing. A good marketer makes a great digital marketer,  If you are able to grasp the basics and fundamentals of marketing and apply it in the world of digital.

You will be able to perform a lot more then all the other digital marketers. It is essential for you to understand your customers, Products, Create customer personas, Understand the market, Analyze the competitors and create a whole lot of co-relationships between offline brand equity to be given by people online with the respect to the brand you are marketing.

In my years of experience i have learnt that the  brands that have created brand equity in the offline world has absolutely phenomenal response to their online campaign when compared to the brands which are only thriving to build their popularity on the internet space.

There are lot of small things that you would be able to understand more if you are willing to master the art of marketing or fundamentals of marketing. I am myself a MBA marketing graduate & i believe that a lot of marketing fundamentals i learnt there has helped me a big way in my digital marketing journey.

By the way you can also develop these skills as you master the first 5 skills i spoke about so you could put this into the process of development as you master the first five.

7) Ability to stay updated with the current trends

When i started my career as a digital marketer we used to fill the page with lots of keywords, Keywords everywhere, Title tag, Meta tag, Headers, content, Footers in every single page.

And as we used to increase the volume of the keywords in the content we would see that there would be higher chance of a website coming on top page of Google. The speed with which digital marketing has changes today is unmatchable & you really have to stay updated with the latest trends.

I usually follow lots of interesting blogs like such as Neilpatel.com, Socialmediaexaminer.com, Rand Fishkins blog more interesting blogs. If you want to become a digital marketer you will really have to move with the fast moving digital marketing industry.

8) Ability to understand and use digital marketing channels

There are different types of advertising mediums on internet like paid & organic. Paid organic channel consists of Fb ads, Google ads, LinkedIn ads & media buying online where organic is search engine optimization, Social media community organic reach etc.

As a marketer you will have to really understand & distinguish between a paid and organic planning your investments accordingly. In between various paid channels, you will have to understand what works best for you & where exactly your audience hangs out to bring you the best results.

Sometimes a particular channel would be expensive and give you great results and sometimes an inexpensive channel can drive you good results. You will really have to test different channels and create right channel strategy for your brands.


So these were the 8 essentials skills which will help you to become a great digital marketer. So what are you waiting for take a pen and paper noting down these 8 points taking into consideration your standings and what steps would you like to take to improvise these skills to become a good digital marketer. Please don't forget to share and comment below & until next time, Happy marketing !

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