Hi Guys, This is Varun Shanbhag & during my Digital Marketing Course Ahmedabad i came cross some of the social media marketing mistakes which should be avoided at any cost.

So in this article today am going to share with you 5 mistakes people make in social media marketing:

1) Not choosing the right content

Most of them who fail in social media marketing are those who don't define their audience for example if i am doing my social media marketing my audience will be those who are interested in digital marketing and so my content strategy will be revolving around it and so will be all my advertisements.

So your focus should be on who are you reaching out on social media platform and what communication can you create to cater their needs & their requirements.

2) Not creating good content

So if you are just taking content from the internet and just posting it on your social media channel, their is no differentiation.

Curating content is brilliant but if you are not creating original content then people will not come back to your website so create such a content that people are forced to visit your website.

3) No growth plan

Many people who create social media channels do not have any growth plans. from here to where, What you really want to achieve? If you have consistent growth in your social media channel with your followers in twitter, followers in Instagram, you are heading towards a particular direction.

So why?  there are lots of pale initiatives that has been happening and you are trying to invest your time & efforts in social media marketing to drive some value preposition through the investment that you are making but if you are not having a growth plan at place & if you do not have good investments in place with respect to growing your social media channel your social media channel will not work for you.

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4) Not staying consistent

While you device your social media strategy, it is very important to be consistent. Now why consistency is the key? Now if your following somebody and he is not posting content regularly then i might not really remember him for a reason because he is not creating something strong that can have a brand recall.

So why not create your content plan in a way so that consistently you can deliver and for that you need to create content buckets so that you can dump in content in advance & you can schedule your content so you don't have to put too much effort in creating content every single day.

5) Doing same things all the time

When monotony hits your social media marketing it becomes really really boring so if your are doing same thing for years it is time for  change.

Every week, Every month, Every year think of what is one value add from the content prospective that you would like to create for your audience.

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So these are 5 mistakes people generally do during their social media marketing journey.If you liked my article please don't forget to comment and share my article. Until next time, Happy marketing !