Hey guys it's Varun here! I am a digital marketing professional providing web marketing training & affordable SEO Course Ahmedabad and today we're gonna talk about how to choose a domain name. Now a brand or domain name is what your website or what your company is called and this is really important.

Now your brand name is how your company's culture is perceived and it's the packaging of your company but most importantly your brand name is how you appear on Google search results and it's also how Google thinks about you. So you want to make sure that you are using keywords and lots of other important factors when choosing a brand name.

We're gonna talk about all of these 8 SEO hacks in this article today and the reason this is so important is because we're gonna teach you how to choose a domain name so that you rank higher on Google search results for the keywords in your industry or niche and if you're having trouble, you know getting shown on Google search results or having people you know come to your website then this article is definitely for you.

Alright guys so lets dive into these 8 SEO hacks.

    1) Having Keywords

    Alright so the big question here is if people don't know what your brand is right now, they're not really familiar with your company's name. How are you going to show up in search results now? Having a domain name that contains keywords can help you achieve this by using keywords in your domain name. This is a great little hack!

    Here you can kind of give relevancy signals or clues to Google about what your website is all about for example if you know a website that sells supplies for
    puppies and your name is "Puppypros", Google's gonna understand this website has something to do with puppies and maybe they sell  stuff on their website for puppies, it's puppy related.

    This is a relevancy signal and will help you get a little bit more traction and rank for those terms that are puppy related because Google's understanding that this website has chosen the word puppy in their domain name. So it's going to be very important for this website. So that is the number one hack for creating a nice domain name is to make sure to include keywords.

    So we're gonna go over this a little bit more, we don't want to spam Google and we don't want to abuse this but we want to make sure that we're using this in a way that just tells Google, hey this is what our website sells, this is what our website specializes in and it's great also for visitors because people kind of quickly just look at your domain name and say do I want to click on this, does it look like it makes sense for the search results and so that's also a factor that you know related to human psychology and human nature.

    You want to make sure you're making a good impression that it's relevant and it makes sense and since your domain name is actually one of the 200-plus ranking factors in Google's algorithm having keywords in your domain name in your brand name is a great way to tell Google hey this is what we specialize in, this is what we sell and so I do recommend having the keyword that you choose in
    the beginning portion of your domain name because it carries more weight and it also is easy to read & it makes more sense. This is what this websites all about!

    2) Target keyword with high search volume and competition

    Alright so the second SEO hack is to target a keyword with high competition and high search volume. Now what does that mean? High search volume means that a lot of people are searching for this term on Google, so they're going into the search bar and they're typing this term and that's great. You want to target a keyword that a lot of people are searching for, you want it to have high search volume, high traffic, this is good why? Because you wouldn't want to target a search term or a keyword that no one is looking for because it's a waste of a keyword, it's a waste of your time basically targeting a keyword that no one's looking for because that's not gonna bring in traffic and then the high competition well this has to deal with a lot of people are trying to target this keyword, then it's very sought-after and it has a correlation with being a high search volume terms so normally a term that has a high search volume also has a high competition and it's okay to target a term, a keyword that has a high competition on your homepage because this is the exception to the rule.

    Normally I recommend that people target a low competition keywords on their products and other pages because it gives you a chance to rank for it but on your home page this is an exception. You're telling Google this is what my website is mainly about this is the holy grail of keywords that I'm trying to rank for so please let me reign for you know hiking here and this is a term that if you do some keyword research which I highly recommend doing to find which keywords have the high competition and the high search volume, you will see if the keyword that you're thinking about using for your domain name or your brand name is even a good keyword to go after.

    So you can use a free tool like Google's keyword planner that is available on Google Adwords or also known as Google Ads and if basically you want to see if a particular keyword  have a high search volume, is it high competition. So if you go on there and you see okay hiking gear has a hundred thousands/month searches per month and it's high competition, well that's great because that means that this keyword is highly sought after and a lot of people are looking to buy hiking gear or get information about hiking gear and you can be the website that fulfills that for them.

    Now when it comes to keywords you don't want to get overly broad or too specific. So an example is I've chosen hiking gear, this is pretty specific because we know what kind of gear it is, it's for hiking but an overly broad keyword that I would probably avoid would be "gear". Now what kind of gear are you selling? Is it fishing gear? Is it ballet gears? Is it dance gear? Is it a boat gear? I am Not sure. So you want to you know kind of narrow it down a little bit so that you
    can tell Google this is what I'm trying to sell, this is what my website's about but it also has a high search volume so then that is the golden keyword to use.
    You want to have it just right.

    3) Unique brand name

    The 3rd SEO hack is to make sure that your brand name doesn't exist already. I know this might sound like a no-brainer but sometimes people don't do the research before buying a domain name and this is not a good practice, So make sure that if you're thinking about buying a domain name or having a brand name that you google it first and see what kind of results show up, you know what brand names are showing up on that first page of Google because those are the people that you're gonna be competing with so you want to make sure that it's unique.

    Basically you want a brand name that doesn't sound like other people because you don't want there to be confusion, also if your brand name is too similar to someone else's then you're gonna be competing with them and it's a very hard uphill battle. You guys are gonna be both competing for that first page of Google

    and it's gonna be a very hard journey when you're ranked for the same terms that this other person is ranking for and chances are they were there first so it could be a potential lawsuit or it's just not a good idea at all.

    So I would avoid using a brand name that is too similar to something that already exists. Make sure that it's very unique and that other people are not using it right now.

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    4) Using Domain Name generator tools

    The fourth SEO hack for finding a really good brand name is to use a free brand name generator tool. So there's a lot of these out there one of my favorites is
    Shopify's domain name generator.. they have a brand name generator where you can just type in something like example with hiking gear I could type in hiking gear and see all the website domain names that are available which is really great because you don't have to go through the hassle of typing in all of your ideas and to you know Go-daddy or one of these websites that sells domain names.

    Here you have a whole list of domain names that are available with the keywords that you want to target which is great because you can just quickly scan through them and say, oh I like this one or this one's definitely not gonna work. So this is a great way to just see all of your options all at once and you could play around with it and find a domain that works for you.

    5) Choosing .Com extension

    The 5th SEO hack I have is to make sure that you get a domain name that ends in .com and the reason for this is that 75% of the world uses .com. So it's the most common extension and so this is going to be easier for your customers to remember and this is gonna lead to less typos because if you choose a different extension then your customer is gonna have to remember this + your brand name and that's gonna lead to some confusion and maybe they're just not gonna remember your brand name after all and not visit your website.So you wouldn't want that to happen.

    Most important of all is that Google ranks the.com extension slightly higher than other extensions. This has been found out historically so definitely I would
    say choose a .com if you have the choice. The only reason you would opt for something that is not .com is if you're trying to target a specific country and language then that would be the exception to the rule and then it would be okay.

    6) Should be Readable

    Punctuation should be avoided at all cost when choosing a domain name.Avoid using hyphens in your domain name.You can be tempted to use hyphen when the domain name you are looking for is not available or it is just way too expensive. But at all costs avoid falling into this trap.You can get a domain name with the words you want to buy a hyphenated domain name, but now you will be facing the competition. For example, our website is seotrainingahmedabad.in But what if seotrainingahmedabad.in was unavailable, or too costly? Instead I may be tempted to buy seo-training-ahmedabad.in which is a bad idea.

    Creating a brand name that is too close to another company will lead to unfair rivalry and potentially to a lawsuit, as discussed above. A hyphen is often difficult to recall, which can result in a typo.

    Good: seotrainingahmedabad.in
    Bad: seo-training-ahmedabad.in

    Why? For what? When you buy seo-training-ahmedabad.in, there's actually a seotrainingahmedabad.in somewhere out there that you'll have to contend with for ranking.Your future buyer will already know your brand name and how you end up with a.com, and adding punctuation to the mix would only confuse it further.Punctuated websites are not easy to remember, and can be frustrating to type. The last thing you want to do to your clients is to frustrate them before they ever visit your website. Google allows you to use a hyphen in your domain name, such as www.store-name.com, on a technical level, but it is not recommended for several purposes.

    There is one issue although you wont be penalized by Google for using a single hyphen. There is a history for the hyphened website to be spammy. Earlier, to create to boost the rankings, "exact match domains" (keywords used in the domain name) were used for example seo-training-ahmedabad.in & then Google quickly discovered that people were playing the game and modified their algorithm to resolve this issue. Here's the takeaway to stop using hyphens. Have you seen faous brand names using hyphen in their brand name? So you shouldn't use them either.

    7) Should be easy to remember

    Think about famous brands such as Airbnb or Amazon. You can only type them directly into the URL when you want to visit these websites, because you knew their exact URL. Amazon.com or Airbnb.COM. The idea is to want your brand name to be something that a person can remember to look up later on.

    8) Make it Short

    The best brand names are short & can be easily recalled. Think of the iconic brand name Uber (chauffeur service) or Costco (wholesale warehouse) Cotco Or Beauty products from Ulta. All three of those companies have selected domains of 6 letters or less. So what if you don't want to spend the money on a 4 or 6 letter domain? This is an excellent question.You can also have a brand name, which is short. Make sure your company name doesn't fall into the pit of making it incredibly long. The longer the company name is, the more words the client will need to recall. A shorter brand name is unforgettable and a longer can be easily forgotten.

    Good: seotainingahmedabad.in
    Bad: bestseotrainingcourseinahmedabad.in


    Hopefully you've liked this rundown of how to choose a brand name for you. A brand name can be chosen using various different methods but focusing on one that conveys what your business does is important. Always think of your brand name as packaging. Words have meaning and those that you want to use or build can determine what form of business you are.

    The culture that surrounds the business will be the brand name, Your brand name is what people will remember you for and will represent what your business stands for. It's one of the biggest aspects of your company. This also influences the ranking, which is one of the Google algorithm's 200 ranking variables. Offer it some consideration. Until next time, Happy marketing!