Hey Guys, Varun here from SEO Training Ahmedabad ! So Are you interested in doing or choosing a career in Information Technology industry? Search Engine Optimization or best known as the SEO these days is one of the fields that has become a trend in recent years.This article will be divided mainly into three sections SEO as a career, The future of SEO & salaries in the field of SEO.

SEO emerging as a career option 

Through the continuously rapid advancement of information technology, the world saw one of the best job opportunities in a modern area called digital marketing. In a short time this area was too broad with sections and specializations from different branches. Search Engine Optimisation or better known as SEO was one of the advanced areas that emerged.


SEO Future & Career Oppurtunities


Today SEO is again large industry and it provides several different types of career opportunities. The job prospects exist in virtually every part of the world. 

The search engine optimisation work is very interesting and also very lucrative at the same time which results into attracting not only fresh students from the colleges but people from unrelated and related job profiles as-well like Engineers, Designers, Content marketers & many more.

How can you become a SEO expert 


Thankfully, there are really no entry barriers to Search Engine Optimization Expert or SEO Consultant making a career in this area. You are good to go as long as you have a undergraduate or college degree.(preferred minimum) 

Enroll for an intense Digital Marketing curriculum with a Digital Marketing Training Center for a short-term contact programme, where search engine optimization will be one of the essential course modules.Additionally, you can apply to an exclusive Search Engine Optimization course.

Bear in mind that you will have two things to do to be effective in the SEO and Digital Marketing career path. Firstly, get as much information as you can. You will also need to support your Institute training by self-learning, such as reading magazines,books, reading online, and watching a lot of youtube videos.

Second, it's hands-on ability. Start applying everything you know, From the day one itself. Make your own blog or implement SEO for your website or to your friends website and acquaintances and that too free of cost, to begin with. Always make a pledge to keep yourself updated at all times.This is so because the technology is continually changing, new technologies are increasingly emerging with which the old technologies are becoming redundant.

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SEO Career Scope 


There's still competition for an accomplished SEO expert. He can either work on his own or be employed by a digital marketing firm or one of the best companies in search engine optimization. If he has experience of doing high budget, multi-industry, and multi-product / service assignments, his skill would have a great value. 

His talent and the price for his ability would naturally grow if he already has knowledge and experience in related fields. This may include SMM, SMO, Doing keyword research, Optimizing keywords, Content marketing, Web development & designing, Ad-words, Graphic designing skills etc.

It is difficult to believe the word not going digital. On the contrary, everything is becoming increasingly digital from information to ads, Financial transactions record keeping, shopping to studies. Hence we can say that SEO 's future is also very secure.

Small, medium & bigger enterprises are the potential employers who would be in the need of SEO experts. In case they outsource it to freelancers they would still need Search Engine Optimization Services. Similarly, SEO expertise will be required on a regular basis for digital marketing agencies, search engine optimization firms and content marketing agencies. 

Lets have a look at the SEO careerpath including designation/Categories 

  • Trainee SEO
  • Junior SEO exe
  • Senior SEO exe
  • SEO Analyst
  • Link Building Expert
  • Project Manager SEO
  • SEM & SEO specialist
  • Adwords Expert
  • DM manager
  • SEO Consultant
Apart from the above designations you can also work as a SEO freelancer/Entrepreneur.

Salaries of SEO professionals


1) SEO professional's salaries will largely depend on various factors such as technical qualifications , skills, expertise , experience, work description, position and place. The salary of the executives starts from Rs. 12,000 per month to Rs. 25,000 per month on an average for a fresher.

2) After 4 to 5 years of experience one can earn more than Rs 50,000 per month

3) Acquiring skills such as Google Analytics , PPC, and content marketing can help you earn more salaries that range from Rs.50,000.00 a month to Rs.1.0 lakh. Yet again it depends on where you work including your education, The company you are working with and your position.

4) You can earn a handsome amount and enjoy a good lifestyle if you become a freelance consultant + Content Creator + Blogger and Affiliate marketer.

Is SEO a right career option? 


Most young people who are looking for a job in the IT sector somewhere wonder its the right decision to choose SEO as a career option. Being prepared for a job is one thing but it's another thing to enjoy it enough or make enough money to make it a career. 

Lets have a look at the positives and negatives of choosing SEO/Digital marketing as a long term career:


  • Better employers: You have a option to work with a specialist and/or a large company because it's a fairly modern sector.
  • New things to learn: The word for digital marketing is full of continuous improvements, maybe a little more than other industries. Hence the call of this profession is to continuously learn new tricks and technologies.
  • Scope for merging technology with creativity: those who don't like boring 9 to 5 jobs are challenged to demonstrate your creativity on certain lines in this area. It is certainly a place of welcome for intelligent and extremely talented people.
  • Broad acceptance within the industry and acceptability: Today SEO is an integral part of the overall marketing strategy and that is relevant too. And you will play an significant role in the business and be at a senior level. 

 The competition is quite high: There are already proven players and others who have strong talent and expertise in the fields of SEO, Digital Advertising etc. as it has been a decade since it started.
Continuous learning: This takes constant educational experience Learning and learning to be at the top of the pyramid. And you should be able to put honest effort and hard work in the company to stay ahead of others. 
Distinguish: To be competitive in SEO, you need to distinguish yourself by being agile, imaginative, a bit scientific as well as analytical.


SEO future 

Yeah, the career opportunity in the Digital Marketing Domain , SMO and SEO domains has and will continue to have a big career potential – at least in the near future. Digital marketing on the internet marketing platform has been part of the overall marketing strategy of each organisation.

Everything that can help promote a individual or organisation 's company and reputation on the internet is the SEO expert's basic job profile. He is an specialist in online marketing who promotes the website and other online presence, including social media platforms.

So choosing SEO or digital marketing as a career is a safe option. SEO will remain as a common career choice as long as search engines are being used by people for searching products or services. Sure, getting into SEO profession with limited skills can become more difficult for new people. Keep one thing is minf that SEO keeps on changing. What is working today may not work after few days. You will have to continue to refresh your knowledge about SEO, Advertising, changes in Algorithm, etc.


The websites and forums literally come up by millions in number every day, and their owners want a strong web presence. And it could be a great road to higher senior positions and active roles in the information technology industry.

The SEO career isn't for everybody? If you want to do things differently and innovatively and are keen to learn SEO ninja skills then hop in and remain humble. 

I hope you liked this article. Please don't forget to share and comment below, Until next time, Happy marketing!

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