So what is a content marketer? Are you wanting to be a Content writer or are you looking to hire a Content writer for your business. Well in this Article we will discuss about content marketer and share 10 skills that content writer needs to be successful based on my own experience by creating content for my own business as well as for my client.

Namaskar everyone, I am Varun and i am a digital marketing professional & provide affordable digital marketing & SEO Course Ahmedabad. I absolutely love helping build brands online. I wasn't always a content creator
or a Content writer. I actually started my career in marketing in a more generalist sort of capacity but since starting my own business few months ago i found that content strategy was where there's so much demand which is what I now specialize in!

So what is a Content marketer ? Well they write content obviously but what I mean by content is blog posts, social media posts, scripts for videos and podcasts, any website copy that sort of stuff. So
anything that's really creating some sort of brand messaging that's going out to your audience. 

So it's a pretty broad role and if you ask 10 different content writers what they do? they would all specialize in different areas & because it is quite literally that broad of a job unlike a journalist who writes news articles for a newspaper or a website, a
Content writer is way more strategic than that and more creative - in the sense that they actually create you know those blogs that you really love. 

Those social media posts you really connect with and those email nurture sequences that get you on the hook ready to buy. So whether you're interested in hiring a content writer or you're wanting to become one yourself here are 10 skills a good content writer must have.

    1) So they must be confident uncovering a client's ideal customer

    what is a content marketer

    Why? because if you don't know who you're talking to how can you create content that are actually gonna resonate with and connect with as well as what tone you're supposed to be using. 

    2) Strategic Thinking 

    Especially identifying customers pain points! So content is the stuff that people find interesting, engaging, entertaining, inspiring and really relevant where there are and this is the stuff that builds those relationships with your audience as well as builds a connection with them. 

    3) Being Creative

    Be creative and be able to come up with ideas freely. So for me working with clients in industries that I'm actually interested in works so well because I am potentially the target market for any content that we're creating, so I can really understand whether it's gonna resonate with myself and my peers.

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    4) Ability To Reasearch

    Ability to research based on a client's brief. So this might mean research into the company or interviewing the owner or the founder to get those really great nuggets of gold from their story or it might literally be rolling through the internet reading countless blogs and finding different strategies or tips or whatever it is that you're writing about to then pull together in your own piece of content.

    5) Understand Brand Voice

    Understand how brand voice impacts the way you write. This is a critical factor especially if you're creating content for social media because often it's more of a conversational tone however there's still nuances to that.You must be able to uncover a brand voice whether it's for your brand or for your clients.

    6) Make existing content better

    You must be able to edit content that already exists in a way that makes it better more strategic and more in line with the customers pain points. This is especially important if you're creating new content for a website because often the content is there but it just needs massaging and making better.

    7) Writing quickly & succinctly

    Know how to write quickly, succinctly and in educates entertains and inspires the reader. Something to keep in mind is when you're ever creating a piece of content especially blog posts, have this idea of so what in mind so think at the end of your article what is the key takeaway or the key action that you're wanting people to take after reading this. If you can't answer that you might want to go back and revise what you've written and come up with something that's a bit more, it has something a bit more of a point to it.

    8) Has a Keen Eye For Design

    A keen eye for design. So what I mean by this is not how pretty the website looks but how easy the content is to read. Now especially in blog articles you'll often see a blog that's just this big blob of text which is so unappealing to go and read. It's better to actually be able to break it down into chunks and put headings or break it into you know at least or something like that and that is the content writers job is to come up with a strategy for how to make this content the most appealing and readable it can be.

    9) Be a consultant

    You can be a consultant not just a writer. Deep dive into your clients purpose, their traffic, what's working for them what's not and really understand that any content that you're creating has to be better than what they've done before and actually really target things or actions that their customers are currently taking and and make it a way more strategic process in doing so. 

    And last but not the least Passion!

    10) Have a passion for writing

    So obviously you need to be good at writing but I think the most important thing with a content writer is that they have a passion for writing that they love what they do so much so that they have their own blog or a medium account where they have blog articles or they're creating a youtube channel like this or they've got to really engage Instagram following.

    think these this is a really important thing to check on if you are hiring a content writer because if they're not creating their own content how can they be perfecting their craft and being being able to
    and what works and what doesn't in the real world.

    So I don't have any formal training in content writing. I basically worked in marketing and doing so i took on you know copy-writing and content writing for my blogs and social media and things like that and so in doing that experience as well as working with one-on-one clients i was able to really understand how to be strategic with content and be able to craft it in
    a way that gets the most engagement.


    It's really important that as a Content writer you really love what you do and that you're actually willing to go out there and create content for your own brand and see what works and what doesn't because in doing so you're going to learn so so much even before you get a paid gig. 

    I hope you understood what is a content marketer & you keep that planning process going and give you some really really great ideas so that's it guys. Until next time, Happy marketing!

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