Hi guys i am Varun Shanbhag owner of SEO Training Ahmedabad. Today we are talking about what is AIDA model in marketing communication and how can we apply it in the field of digital marketing. We know that the effectiveness of an advertisement depends upon to what extent the advertising message is received and accepted by the target audience or customers.

Now here the particular ad communicates an idea otherwise a message or a belief. A number of models have been developed to identify the sequence of events which should take place between the receipt of this message and the expected action from the consumer.

Now what is AIDA model ? In symbol it is a model to identify the stages in a consumer action. Now we can segregate each letter in the tale. First letter "A",
it stands for attracting attention. Second is "I" it stands for rousing interest. Now "D" stands for building desire. Now the last letter "A" it means obtaining action.

Now let's discuss about these four terms in detail:

1) Attention

what is aida model

An attention is entirely depending upon the presentation of an advertisement. Most curious evoking or colorful creation of ads draws the attention of customers to a particular product out of thousands of other products. 

Drama, curiosity and illustrations are very important factors to draw the attention. I will point out one of the best ads by Mercedes company to prove this ! The art starts by showing a little boy in his bed, he suddenly wakes up in the middle of the night with a smiling face. He gets dressed up and picks up his teddy bear, then he carefully steps down the stairs without making any noise. 

There we can see his parents are in deep sleep and he doesn't want to wake them up. When he gets outside, picks up a tossed light and works straight toward the city, this time he is smiling more intensely with more happiness. In the Midway he eats his refreshments and continues his journey. 

We all get curious and we all get an idea that the little boy is up to something interesting so when he reaches the highway he gets in a bus and holding a map to his face showing that he is very interested and happy about where he is going.

Some passengers look at him with excitement for he is all alone. After getting down from the bus he continues his journey with the help of his map. Then he reaches in front of a police office and this time he is smiling more that he has completed his journey. Now he enters in the police station and reach out to a police officer and the little boy says he is lost. 

The police officer doesn't look excited which shows that he is familiar with the boys doing and the police officer says that is the last time. Then he takes the boy to a Mercedes Benz car and boy and is in the car with more enthusiasm and happiness and we come to know that the boy is doing this a lot of time to travel  in his favorite car. 

Now the police officer smiles at the boy and he seems to like the boys fantasy about the Mercedes car and drives him home. This video duration is only 90 seconds but it's very capable to attract our attention and make a feeling of satisfaction and happiness in a customer.

Here we can say that movement is a vital element forgetting attention. Here the movement can be either physical or mental. Sometimes advertiser cast celebrity is to get more response from the people, as they have a tendency to watch celebrities.

Adidas and Nike are clear examples in casting celebrity like Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi. 

2)  Interest


There has to be something in an advertisement to bring out the interest in a customer. Mostly people see only illustrations and do not read the copy of details. Here the illustrations should be able to comprise every detail and idea about the product or service and should be able to present it to the viewer in a short period of time without any lag.

So the selection of medium and illustrations are depending on the advertiser or creator of that particular ad. It's very important to do the research that the idea of the arts should integrate to our lifestyle and environment.

Some people get worked on by a scientific copy and some by a humorous copy. Sometimes the copywriter gets confused because he has to satisfy maximum number of people. So it's his responsibility to search and find a common denominator of interest which will work out among the audience. now we are looking at the third letter that is "D" which stands for desire.

3) Desire

We know that the basic purpose of any advertisement is to create or bring out a desire to purchase the product or service which is being advertised. The act should motivate the buyer and make him feel that the particular product or service is an asset in his life.

The buying motives of a buyer depends on both physiological and psychological factors, for example there are hundreds of sports apparels are available in the market.. both international brands and local brands but we always prefer international brands like Under Armour, Nike, Adidas etc.. why? Psychological fact is that we feel more confident and feel that it's a symbol of status among the people.

These brands cast celebrities and world famous actors to make us more mentally satisfied that we think they are also using the same brand. Now we will look into the physiological Factor. Why always use product to get more comfort and ease to our body? when it comes to the same situation like purchase a raining shoe, what are the preferences come to our mind. We want to use it for a long time, our feets need to feel more lightweight grip and air flow without getting sweat on the feet.

Even if we use it for a longer period of time to perform athletic activities. These international brands such as Nike is in industry for the past 54 years, So we have evidence, facts and even Testimonials from world-class athletes to get aroused and buy this product. Now the last letter that is "A" which denotes action. 

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4) Action


Action stage is the logical end of the desire. We calculate, Make self arguments to buy this product. In this stage the target audience is exposed to the message, both interest and decision stage are effective states where action stages behaviors it.

Because the customer has to make a decision in this stage whether to buy this product or not, Here the buyer literally purchases the product with confidence.

We can conclude that in real reality not all the art copies put customer through a feeling to purchase. A AIDA model gives a gate line to the qualities in an advertisement copy as a communication tool.

How to use AIDA model in Digital Marketing?

1) Attention

The first move at AIDA is to draw the interest of your prospective client.

Nowadays, having a strong online presence is important to businesses as so many purchase journeys start on the web. So this is where you want their attention.

For example, someone who wants to decorate their home could start by searching for inspiration on a social networking site or turn to Google to search for ideas.

You want clients to find your website while they are looking online for information related to your brand. Therefore it is worth spending time in applying best practice in SEO so that you appear on the results pages of the search engine.

It's important to have the correct information when your firm appears on SERPs. For example, using Google feedback and details in local searches adress, opening times can help you to stand out.

Another way to raise your brand image is to use pay per click ads to make it possible for you to appear at the top of the search results pages. It will increase your exposure even if users don't instantly click on your advert. Paying social ads will also raise brand awareness.

It is also worth getting a plan for social media and digital PR marketing to get you recognized on the blogs your clients are already using.

In short, capturing the attention of your customers online is a case of being seen at the right location at the right time. 

2) Interest

When your brand is known to consumers, you'll want to pique their attention. In AIDA the second step is to provide them with valuable and interesting knowledge.

You still win the customer's confidence at this point, and continue to prove why you are important to them.

This is not the right time for aggressive marketing. In-fact it is only the matter of being honest on how you can help them. To implement this effectively you need to understand your typical customer's needs well. Address any questions you can have at this point, and make it clear how special is your product or service.

Content such as e-books and webinars are useful types of content to produce at this level , B2B marketing in particular. Content that offers them tips on solving the issues that they have at this point works well.

Thought-provoking material that shows your experience in an entertaining manner will also help you hold interest in it.This can happen through blog posts. When done well, it can also help create a relationship between the user and your brand.


3) Desire

And you have them interested in your brand right now, you don't want them to forget about you or want to go somewhere else. In AIDA's third phase, you want to turn the curiosity in your brand into a desire to buy what you are selling.

Having them subscribe to your newsletter and then give them relevant and timely content via e-mail is a good way to maintain and build on their interest.
If they're interested enough on social media to join you, use the site to demonstrate how can they be benefited by using your products or services. 

User generated content can be used for this purpose. Seeing how your brand is dealing with other customers will help to generate a desire to buy from you and they'll experience the same.

Likewise, feedback, case studies and testimonials will help generate demand. Hearing your current customers explicitly can be extremely convincing as consumers still wonder that you are right for them.


4) Action 

The final challenge to overcome AIDA is encouraging your new potential clients to buy from you.That is where you need to concentrate, and make it incredibly easy for them to act.

Your customers tasks should be made easy and they should not be made work hard because there might be a high risk of loosing them. For example, if you have a clunky checkout process, make sure you fix it. By this point you might still be up against a rival and if they encourage the buying process , for example by providing more efficient payment methods, then you may be at a disadvantage. 

Well-written, visually pleasing, and highlighted calls to action on your web page are the secret to getting consumers to actually convert. These could include call to actions like free trial sign up, Book a demo or Get 10 % discount.

Good call to action can include words like:
1) Work on the go anywhere
2) Using words like "Join" "Buy" "Order" "Free"
3) Supporting micro copy using "Cancel Anytime"
4) Using sense of urgency like "Offer Ends on Thursday".


Now you might have understood what is AIDA model and using it in digital marketing provides even more chances to meet your future customers. 

The strategies that vary from conventional ads but the concepts underlying it remain the same. 

If you liked this article do not forget to share and comment below. Until next time, Happy marketing!

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