what's going on everyone! Namaskar it is Varun here from Seotrainingahmedabad and today I wanted to write a very simple article talking about what is social media marketing. 

This is still one of the number one questions I get during our SEO Course Ahmedabad because this is an ever growing business that people have been hearing now. There's a ton of different places where you can learn how to do social media marketing. More and more businesses are really demanding that they have a separate agency who knows what they're doing to actually control their social media.

So this is getting huge, so what I wanted to do today was just break it down to make it really easily for everybody. So it's just simple that everybody can understand. 

So without further adieu lets discuss what is social media marketing and how do people make money just by posting their businesses on social media accounts.

    What is social media marketing?

    what is social media marketing

    Social media marketing is simply just marketing your business on social media so there's YouTube ads, Facebook Ads,Instagram story ads they can run. So all it really is it's promoting a product or service on social media. 

    Now how is it that people are able to make money doing this? See business owners are extremely busy people they don't always have the time to sit there and actually you know post every single day on social media and really they don't know what they're doing whatsoever a lot of business owners are a little bit older. 

    They may be wandering what the hell they are doing. There's so many different ways that you could advertise your business and a lot of businesses are still in that old mentality where it's better to run a radio ad or a even more expensive ad on TV when majority people are no longer watching TV and a lot of them are no longer even listening to the radio.

    A lot of businesses get this wrong where they think that they need to advertise out on these places, when really where everyone's attention is is on social media. Now the key benefit of a business hiring an outside agency to do social media is that they can then focus all their time on their actual business and not have to worry about am i posting ? What am i doing? What type of ads do I run? How do I run them? 

    It's a lot to learn for a business owner who just wants to focus on growing their business. Now that's where you can come in or whatever an agency comes in.

    What we need to learn to do is how to really target or what's called hyper targeting a specific niche group of people. Ok let's say that I'm Indian Airlines and I want to promote on social media.

    My Airlines, maybe I've got a promotion going on & instead of just running an ad on TV, you are targeting everyone from two year-old Timmy to 90 year old Billy gene, all in between who are watching that specific channel. Instead of wasting all that money on sending it off to everybody what we need to do in social media marketing is we target specific people who actually want that product or service.

    So what we can do then is on let's say Facebook advertising, We can actually target people who enjoy traveling or people who have been recently looking at specific travel pages or are in specific travel pages. We can do a lot of what's called hyper targeting and figure out what person we want to target to instead of just shotgunning and taking everyone and his uncle to see if they'll be interested in our product. 

    Instead what we can do is target the specific individual who really wants that product or service and has a higher chance of creating a conversion which is just actually buying the product or service. Another key benefit is growing a social media page when it comes to any business, no matter big or small.

    Let's say that I decided that I really enjoyed some wireless headphones right and normally if you enjoy the product you might talk to somebody back, oh yeah you know you're at the gym and you talk to them say, you know I really like these wireless headphones, they were awesome and then that one person might happen to buy them.

    But with social media what you're able to do is let's say that headphone company had an actual Instagram page and then I then tagged them in my Instagram story, I said show me going for a run and I tagged them in my story and i said you know these headphones buy at whatever whatever are my life.

    I've now promoted that product and brought people to that page where they can then check out their their different products where they could probably take a link and actually go buy the product very easily within a few couple steps.

    Now why I'm bringing this up is the importance of having that page for them to fall back on for people to actually see that business, for as people to be able to tag a business in something. If you're at a restaurant number one thing people love to do is take pictures of their food and you need to build a tag them in that so people can find that location find out that the where that these people are at ! 

    So the importance of having a page is really really important and a lot of businesses either don't have a page are really bad at it or haven't posted anything on it. So that's where a social media marketing  really comes into play to spend all the time and effort really growing that page promoting good content, pushing good content out there ultimately bring in more revenue.

    Now this might not be an overnight thing. This is one thing that when it comes to social media marketing you might not see a direct return depending on what type of businesses is. Let's say it's a a restaurant, they might not see a direct return right away but in the long run having all these people following you if you ever have a promotion or something, then you're able to post about that promotion. You're able to show people you know now you've got even 300 followers and you are now able to post about that thing and those people are already following you so they're gonna see your content. 

    So there's a lot of long-term benefits that might not happen right away but they will happen eventually. 

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    How can Social media boost your SEO ? 

    There has been an ongoing discussion on the effect of social signals on search rankings for a website.The biggest point is that the social media is not influencing your SEO directly. 

    However, it does influence the variables that affect rankings such as traffic, meaning it influences the rankings indirectly.You'll learn some important information about social media and its effect on your SEO in this article.

    1) Driving traffic 

    social media for SEO

    Traffic has also been seen as one of the main factors in the ranking. Social networking influences traffic to your site by making your content more accessible.

    When huge amount of people share their content inside their networks, they can send more traffic to your website, thereby boosting your rankings.

    A case study with CognitiveSEO showed that their ranking for the word, "Google images," rose in just one day from 74th to 8th place. This rapid increase in ranking took place only after the organization had about 20,000 unique Reddit users.

    2) Ranking of your social media profiles

    Your profiles on social media are not only limited to social media; they also feature in the rankings of search engines. In people search for your brand terms your social profiles are clearly visible, sometimes even ranking at the first page.

    So your brand will improve exposure for your search engine and drive more traffic by building and optimizing social media profiles.

    Google can also show page reviews and a few review snippets. And if anyone wants to find out more about the business they can click on this page. A visit to the company's Facebook page will help them get a sense of the personality of the brand and help them find some useful content. 

    3) Reach of your content improves

    Social networking is a perfect tool for making sure the content reaches as many people as possible. Users only discover your content on search engines while they are searching for a particular keyword. Yet you'll get your content on social media in front of people who didn't even know they wanted your content.

    Better user reach translates into traffic of high quality which again affects your rankings. Matthew Woodward performed an experiment to try to rank "unhealthiest products" as the keyword. Although he had a backlink plan in place, social media posts & shares were what really made the difference for him.

    This post was shared by someone which then got shared again and again before George Takei shared the message himself. His post received more than 16,000 likes, plus 8,800 shares. Soon after, a featured snippet for the target search term was released to the site. This illustrates how impactful social shares can be, especially when involving an prominent social media personality.

    And if you can't get an influencer to share your content organically, you can also search for influencers who may want to share your content. To discover key influencers in your vertical you can use sites like Influence.co. Also, the platform lets you look at their past client relationships and see if they fit for your brand.

    4) They work as a search engine 

    Search engines are not only used for the purpose of looking for some stuff by people. The social media sites also act as useful search engines themselves with strong search functionalities. There may be people who use social media search to discover your profile, page or content.

    This is why it is very important to use relevant keywords to optimize your social media pages and post which in result can also increase your visibility. Spyfu is one of the best tool which can be used to do competitor analysis where you can find out the keywords your competitor ranks for and also analyse the keywords with most clicks.

    This can be really helpful as you can come know which keywords should be included content to increase its visibility on social media results page and get more click to your website. These keywords help you to customize your social media bios and captions.

    5) Local SEO

    In a few cases even social media influences the local SEO efforts.

    As you already know, in local search rankings your NAP (business name, address , and telephone number) plays a major role.

    Your business will be tagged as most credible by Google if you maintain the same consistency of your business address, Phone number & website address across all the platforms such as business listings & website. And this in local search results will improve your rankings. This makes it very important for you maintain the consistency of your NAP.

    Some social media sites, in addition, allow you to geo-tag your stories and articles. This is a perfect way for a small audience to gain more exposure, allowing your reach to be extended.

    For example, on Instagram, users can search for content which is geotagged to a specific location. That means you can draw more local users.

    The comments on your social media accounts even aid in attracting local clients.

    A survey by BrightLocal showed that 86 per cent of customers read reviews of local business. Now after going through the above points you might be convinced that your social media profile can easily rank on search engine results page along with review snippets.

    This can be appealing to the users and users can visit your social media profiles.

    6) You-tube SEO

    YouTube videos can achieve a very good rankings in search results. If you search for certain keywords you will notice that the first results to pop out will be some of the you-tube videos.

    This makes it very important for you to optimize your you-tube videos and your channel. What you need to do is customize the video descriptions with appropriate keywords and names. This will help you gain more exposure in daily search results, not just within the you-tube platform.


    It is clearly visible from the above given examples that even though it does not directly impact your rankings, social media plays a key role in your overall SEO strategy. It works mainly by giving more attention to your brand and content which in result drives more traffic.

    Additionally, your profiles on social media and YouTube videos also rank among daily search results. It will certainly improve the overall SEO plan by optimizing them for the search engines. 

    I hope you liked this article. Do-not forget to share and comment below. Until next time, Happy marketing !

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